About Us

Hello and welcome! I am honored that you are curious about Creative Little Brunette. I’ve always loved doing crafts and hands on projects. I started covering buttons to spice up badge reels to sell to my nurse friends. To my surprise they were a big hit!! Being met with excitement, enthusiasm & encouragement has motivated me to create an online store to reach more lovely people.

I would like to invite you to take a gander at our badge reels, bookmarks and rice therapy bags. Our badge reels and bookmarks are customizable with all our button and feltie designs. If you don’t see what you are looking for take a moment to send us a suggestion on our Contact Us page. If we can find the fabric or the embroidery design, we can help you customize a badge reel!!

One of my go to chill day outfits includes a cozy t-shirt & my stretchy pants. I put my curious and creative mind to work to bring you our newest collection of T-shirts. Similar designs will be available on notebooks and can coolers. If you have a design idea, send in a suggestion on our Contact Us page. Be sure to check back frequently as new t-shirt designs will be posted regularly.

 I sure do hope you stay a while and find something that brings you joy today.